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Our honey is authentic,
and so are we.

We celebrate both the art and science of beekeeping - our bees wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Bees & Honey

Who We Are

At Little Wing Apiary, our philosophy about beekeeping is as colorful as our hives

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical beekeeping practices ensures that every step we take respects the delicate balance of nature - we’ve even been known to dance to the rhythm of the bees.

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Not all honey is created equally.

Just ask our bees!

Our hives are located in the lush landscape of the Charleston, SC Lowcountry, so when we say local honey we mean a honey created from the aromatic wildflowers found all around the Lowcountry - for a flavor that’s music to your tastebuds. 

Little Wing Honey pattern with logo
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